Beach Korfball World Ranking Updated and Crucial for The World Games 2025 Qualification

The Beach Korfball World Ranking is crucial for teams fighting for a spot at The World Games 2025.

In a thrilling showdown at the World Beach Korfball Championship 2024 in Pattaya, Thailand, the Netherlands emerged as the champions, securing not just the title but also the top spot in the Beach Korfball World Ranking. This victory also guaranteed them a direct ticket to The World Games 2025.

Right now, only China, as the host nation, and the Netherlands are qualified for the event. There are still six spots left, and these will be allocated based on the world ranking in December 2024.

Looking ahead, the upcoming Beach Korfball World Cups in Europe and Asia will provide more opportunities for teams to earn points and improve their ranking.

As we move towards the end of 2024, the ranking will determine which teams make it to The World Games 2025. The top team from each continent within the top 12 automatically qualifies, with the rest of the spots determined by ranking order.

For detailed information regarding the beach korfball qualification criteria for TWG2025, you can go here.

In essence, the Beach Korfball World Ranking is like a roadmap, guiding teams towards The World Games 2025. They’re not just numbers, they represent dreams, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of korfball.

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Published the 1st IKF Beach Korfball World Ranking

The inaugural IKF Beach Korfball World Ranking has been released. This ranking system aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the global beach korfball landscape, with all beach korfball events contributing points towards it.

Full rankingBeach Korfball World Ranking

These IKF Beach Korfball World Ranking criteria are valid as of 1 November 2023

Any team that does well in Beach Korfball wins points, which enable it to climb the IKF Beach Korfball World Ranking.

IKF will continuously evaluate the implementation of the World ranking and may make necessary adjustments. However, the ranking system will remain stable and unchanged until the qualification of the 2025 edition of The World Games has been decided to allow for a fair and predictable qualification system.

For the IKF Beach Korfball World Ranking, the total number of points of each country is determined by:
1. The basic points of each country, according to overall participation and development.
2. The points earned by a team from the IKF Beach Korfball Events according to its ranking on each official event and the specific weightings, over the last four-year period.*

The IKF Beach Korfball World Ranking will be calculated by:


Click here to read the full .pdf document about the criteria